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Tales from The Asylum

£ 10.00 

In the crumbling Asylum at Lincoln, Arkwright, the last warden makes his rounds of the last ten inmates.

Ten special cases that can never be released.

Follow in Arkwright's footsteps and hear the strange and often disturbing stories of the Asylum: betrayal, murder, obsession and worse.

And all the while you are surrounded by the Asylum; that rambling decaying building which seems to hint at even darker secrets...


Beyond the Asylum

£ 10.00 

Beyond the asylum...

Beyond space and time as we understand them...

Lies the Machine.

Here the Keepers have collected the most dagerous and most evil entities in history.

They said they would keep the world safe.

They said it would last forever.

But then, they also siad that they had built the machine...

From Atlantis, lost in the mists of time, to the end of days, Beyond the Asylum unleashes another set of Steampunk stories; where legends come to lif and even the Devil may care...


Lost Souls of the Asylum

£ 10.00 

At the close of the 19th century, in his quarters in the Asylum at Lincoln; Professor Steam has reached a peaceful and dignified end.

As preparations are made for his body to be taken to London for a small private funeral and a place in the family tomb; Arkwright, Inspector Speed and Miss Rain step into the pale light of the Asylum Garden.

Here they stand among the simple stone markers that commemorate those who died in the Asylum.

Naturally their thoughts are on death, and one by one they begin to recount the stories of those who died...


The Automata Wars: TheHome Front.

£ 7.99 

Home is where the heart is...

Certainly for the soldiers on the front line, where winter is fast approaching and their unknown enemy assails them with unspeakable tactics. In the Face of a losing battle, all that keeps the troops sane is the thought of their loved ones, safe at home...

Home, where the fires are burning low, the wealthy keep stiff upper lips, travelling conspicuously in conveyances drawn by modified beasts, and parading their newly invented technology to demonstrate that life can go on as normal. The lower orders turn to either the politicians or the nameless god for hope. On the street corners and in the houses of ill repute, working girls have other methods of keeping up morale.

The home front is not as safe as the soldiers imagine. Shadowy creatures hide in the unlikeliest of places. Killers stalk the streets. Enemy agents perpetrate acts of atrocity. From spoilt debutante to working man, no one is immune from the horror.

And behind the facade of every day life, a secret war rages, hidden battles are won and lost far from the light of day...

The Home Front is where the heart is, and the heart needs protecting...


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