The Last Line

Welcome to The Last Line Website.

Steampunk publishing: Books for Steampunks, written by Steampunks!

The Last Line was launched in September 2010, mainly to publish Tales from the Asylum and its sequels.

This Home Page will mainly be used for News and updates.


The third volume in what is now being universally called "The Asylum Chronicles" is out!

Lost Souls of the Asylum, was launch, appropriately enough, at The Asylum in Lincoln- Europe's largest steampunk gathering.

Also released was The Home Front by LM Cooke, the first in the Automata Wars series.

Work continues on Lizzy Stokes' first novel, which we at the last line are very excited about.

And we are getting ebooks produced for sale soon, we will be appearing in person at a number of events over the winter - so much so that we will soon be creating an events page to keep people informed where we will be.

Its all very busy and new products are being developed all the time - not only books. Watch this space for some exiting announcements in the next few weeks.

Cover Art from Tales from the Asylum. Arkwright, the last warden makes his rounds...

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