The Last Line

Archive August 2012

Ok. It's been a long time since I updated the site. (Bad Arkwright!)

However, things have been busy. The Last Line has been striving to meet set, if modest, monthly sales targets, and is consistently performing well.

Work has continued on the third volume in the Asylum series - Lost Souls of the Asylum. And I now know that everything everyone says about difficult third albums is absolutely true!

It addition the Last Line is looking forward to publishing Linzi Cooke's first novel. The first in a trilogy entitled The Automata Wars, The Home front is a powerful story that transcends genre limits to such an extent that if we didn't call it Steampunk we'd have to call it something like Gothic-Sciencefiction-Crime-Thriller-Horror.

Both books will be launched at The Asylum in Lincoln in September.

Work continues on the first Arkwright anthology, hopefully this will also be launched this year.

In other news, The Last Line is in negotiations for a groundbreaking series of Scifi/fantasy novels from an up and coming author. More news to follow, as details become available.

The last line is also very pleased to announce its support for the new Steampunk fanzine - "Cogzine". Indications are that grass roots writing in Steampunk is evolving quickly at the moment an increasing number of writiers experimenting with Urban Steampunk. This form of the genre sets stories in the present day and has Steampunks as the protagonists, and Steampunk technology as a remnant of the past, now hidden and forgotten, by all but a few. It's an exciting new form and I hope that a future volume of the Asylum series will be able to explore it further.

More to follow, keep looking in for updates.

 Archive Sept 2011

The second book in the Asylum series is out!

Beyond the Asylum was launched at the 2011 Aslum at Lincoln and was well recieved. Sales have started well and promotional events for both books have been planned for the comming few months.

Beyond the asylum is based on the phrase; "Steampunk was, Steampunk is, Steampunk will be." It takes the genre beyond space and time in an attempt to open new lines of narrative and adventure.

Starting in Ancient Atlantis (somewhere in the mists of time), the overall story arc revolves around a great machine that has captured and contained the most evil and dangerous entities in history. But the great machine is not infallible, nor are its keepers immortal. As the story unfolds the reader is taken of a journey into steampunk worlds past and present until they reach the end of days...

Compiling this volume has been hard work, but very rewarding. As for the future - some sixteen contributers are signed up and I can't wait to see what we come up with!

More to follow, keep looking in for updates.

Archive April 2011

The Last Line Goes Multimedia!

Yes, the first radio play has been recorded and in a week and half, shooting starts on the first film to come out of Tales From The Asylum.

And if that was excitement enough, I am already reading and editing submissions for the second Asylum volume: Beyond the Asylum.

So far it looks like we are going to top the first volume in both quantity and quality. As soon as the first drafts are returned to the contributors, I will create a page for the new volume.

More to follow, keep looking in for updates.

 Archive November 2010

The Last Line Website has been updated.

I have added my new blog. I hope to make regular entries here, telling the story of writing and publishing form the bottom of the heap!

Other news: The first drafts for Beyond the Asylum have arrived and so far it's looking good.

It is hoped that the first radio play from The Last Line will be recorded in the next two weeks.

Meetings are being arranged for The Last Line to host the first UK Steamblast. I hope there are some story tellers out there up for a challenge. More to follow about this soon.

The first story for the Steampunk Comic "Revolution" is underway. It is set in Korea and suddenly seems very relevant...

More News and Updates to follow; so keep looking in.

 Archive November 2010:

The Last Line Website has been launched. This follows the successful launch of The Last Line's first publication: Tales from the Asylum (A steampunk compilation).

Other news: The follow up volume to Tales from the Asylum has already started, the contributors are signed and the first drafts have already started coming in. The title will be Beyond the Asylum and the launch date will be September 2011.

Surely there can't be more? But there is! The Last Line is negotiating to get The Star Gazer (the first story in Tales) produced on stage. Proposals have been put forward for Youtube trailers, an audio book and someone is trying to get a cast a crew together for a short film version of Call of the Deep!

And if that wasn't enough... The Last Line is trying to start a booklet format Steampunk comic. So thrills, spills, super science, steam powered tech, airships, brass goggles and everything else that a good steampunk romp needs.

More News and Updates to follow; so keep looking in.

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