Well, not quite. The last line has several beginnings each belonging to a separate contributor.

Perhaps I should say the beginning of my blog as a struggling writer and publisher.

I use the word struggling quite deliberately. Reading and writing don’t come easily to me. They are difficult, frustrating and tiring. So why do I put myself through the stress of writing, putting my work out there for everyone to scrutinise and open myself up to every pedantic remark about typo’s and grammar.

Well, it’s because I love writing and words and telling stories.

So why am I writing a blog? Because I want to tell something of my own story. Not because I am important (I’m not) or that it is a particularly unusual story. I am sure there are many thousands of people who would identify with it. I just like telling stories.

So this will begin my story, there may be flash backs, dream sequences and who knows what else. But for now a simple beginning:

Once upon a time there was man who wanted to conquer the world; not with guns and bombs and fear, but with words and ideas, and above all a belief that the spirit of human kind is something great and worthy.

I am that man, the time is now and these are my words…